Beauty defined by beautywatchers

During an interview once, the HR director of one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world asked me “what is your own definition of beauty?”. Although, I have never asked myself this, honestly I like the way that he just slipped the question at the end of the interview to get something out of … Continue reading

A New Perfumery?

Well, I don’t know if the title of this post is accurate… but what’s sure is that Romano Ricci took Perfumery once again in a new direction with his new Fragrance called “Not a Perfume” under the brand Juliette has a Gun. What is not “Not a Perfume” about? It is a fragrance with only … Continue reading

Luxury: Luxe Pack Monaco 2010

I attended few weeks ago an exhibition in Monaco about Luxury Packaging mainly for fragrances, cosmetics and drinks! I spent the whole day there, glancing from one stand to the other looking and amazed by the number of suppliers and companies which  were there… Each stand was offering something different: some were offering glass bottles, others … Continue reading

Favorite Perfumes: GUCCI RUSH & GUCCI FLORA

I really didn’t know about this application iPerfumer until I got a news letter from alumni of ISIPCA…it’s an application created by Givaudan, one of the biggest Fragrance House in the world, for iPhone or iPod, which tells you the best perfume that fits you. Recently I lost my mobile phone when I was traveling … Continue reading

We watch, we write

Members of this new blog “Beauty Watchers” have first met in 2007, in a small city near Paris. Having common interests in Perfumes and Cosmetics, yet having various cultural background, we have had lots of interesting discussions and talks about the different beauty  products in the world, habits and perceptions. We want to keep our … Continue reading

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